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UndercoatProfessional Black Undercoating
Part No: 496405

Description: Corrosion inhibiting formula seals out moisture, deadens sound and will NOT peel off. Applications include gutter sealer, concrete, tree wound sealer, asphalt crack filler and more.

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ZenaVoltBattery Cleaner with Color Indicator
Part No: 490605

Description: A self-scrubbing formula with a color indicator that appears red in the presence of acid, yellow when neutral. Ideal for use on battery powered scrubbers, cars, golf carts, fork lifts, trucks, emergency lighting and more.

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ZenoCarb CleanerCarb & Throttle Body Cleaner
Part No: 494405

Description: Cleans carburetors, choke linkages, intake manifolds, throttle plates, mass air sensors, manifold heat controls, thermostatic coils, and PCV valves. Cleans the carburetor right down to bare metal. The powerful flushing action of ZenoCarb Cleaner removes carbon deposits that impede performance.

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ZenaKoteBattery Terminal Protector
Part No: 494470

Description: Industrial battery terminal sealer and protector. Ideal for use on battery powered scrubbers, boats, busses, cars, construction equipment, electric fork-lift trucks, golf carts, municipal vehicles and trucks.

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ZenameltFrost and Ice Remover
Part No: 498755

Description: A fast acting frost and ice remover specifically formulated to quickly dissolve ice, frost and snow deposits

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Tire LubeCorrosion Inhibited Thick Clinging Tire Mounting Lubricant
Part No: 380805

Description: A water-based product with a special lubricity additives that lubricates beads for easier tire mounting and demounting. Contains corrosion inhibitors making it safe for all wheel types.

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Wheel Weight RemoverSpray-On Gel
Part No: 494800

Description: Wheel Weight Remover is designed to thelp quickly and safely remove the gasket and adhesive left behind after wheel weights have been removed prior to wheel balancing

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