ZenaFreezChewing Gum Remover
Part No: 496855

Description: Quickly and easily removes chewing gum, candle wax, and other gummy substances. Fast freezing action simplifies clean-up. Use on carpets, wood, concrete, cement, terrazzo and marble floors, tile and resilient floors, and more.

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Club CleanFoaming Golf Equipment Cleaner
Part No: 490105

Description: A technologically advanced formula that effectively cleans irons, drivers, putters, shoes, and balls. Use the cleaner for solid drives, accurate iron shots and to create more spin on wedges and irons. Great for shoes and balls that have strayed into the mud or water. Improves anyone's game.

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ZenAir Duster
~ Limited Availability / Discontinued
Jet Air Duster
Part No: 490155

Description: Dry gas removes dust and debris from electronic equipment. Use on computer keyboards, printers and peripherals, fax machines, copiers, office, and photographic equipment. Includes nozzle.

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