ZenaCoolTool Coolant
Part No: 499320

Description: A blend of fast acting coolants extends the life of drill bits, taps, mills and reamers. Quickly eliminates heat at its source to insure clean and smooth cuts. Cools without lubricants that might burn and decompose.

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ZenaMetalMetal Parts Protector
Part No: 494475

Description: Seals out moisture and will not peel off with age. Protects against salt spray, rust and corrosion. Contains a unique amber flex dust that will expand and contract with all metal surfaces uniformly.

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ZenaCuttCutting and Tapping Compound
Part No: 499755

Description: Clings to all cutting tools, preventing waste and over spraying. Combines synthetic and natural lubricants for maximum high-pressure lubrication, which will increase the cutting rate without overheating.

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Rust Converter
Part No: 497710

Description: Chemically neutralizes rust and converts the rust to a black protective finish. Seals, prolongs, and protects the life of ferrous metal. Eliminates the need for brushing, sandblasting, or scraping before painting rusted surfaces. May be painted over without further surface preparation.

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~ Limited Availability / Discontinued
Cold Zinc Galvanizing Spray
Part No: 497775

Description: Heals itself by self-sacrificial or galvanic action. ZenaZinc imparts the properties of hot dip galvanizing at lower labor and material costs. Ideal for renewal of chain link fence, racking and shelving, sheet metal parts, etc. Use to protect steel beams, lintels, fitch plates and unfinished iron components. Rustproofs and seals.

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