ZenaTuffPenetrating Lubricant with PTFE
Part No: 492845

Description: A high tech formulation of specific oils blended with micron-sized PTFE to provide exceptional long lasting lubrication and penetration. Significantly decreases friction and distributes a wear-resistant film that lubricates moving parts. The initial foaming action allows for dwell time so it can creep into tight spaces. Penetrates rapidly to loosen frozen parts due to rust, wear, or heavy grease build up. The lubricating film guards surfaces from corrosion in extreme hot and cold temperatures. Use on any surfaces that glides, slides, rolls, twists, or moves. Passes ASTM D 1748 - Rust protection by metal preservatives in the humidity cabinet.

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Pentrazen EPFoaming Rust Penetrant
Part No: 492885

Description: Outstanding penetrant loosens the toughest rust and corrosion to free frozen parts. Contains only lubricants to assist in the removal of fasteners. Penetrants creep between mating parts for faster, safer, loosening. The foaming action minimizes run off and keeps more product working.

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ZenaLube FGFoaming Multi-Purpose Food Grade Lubricant
Part No: 497720

Description: An excellent multi-purpose lubricant on rollers, rings, slides, pistons, grid belts, conveyor parts, seals, chains, cables, bolts and hinges. Loosens threads and bolts which have been locked by rust and erosion. This product protects against the damaging effects of moisture and decay.

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ZenaLube White LithiumWhite Lithium Grease
Part No: 496605

Description: A multipurpose grease for use on fittings, pumps, u-joints, wheel bearings, hinges, latches and more. Use on all types of automotive, truck, farm and heavy industrial equipment.

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ZenaLube GearLong Life Open Gear Lubricant
Part No: 495505

Description: Excellent long life formula, effective even underwater conditions. The adhesives of this product continuously recoats and lubricates all gear surfaces. Use on chains, cables, hoists, gears, pinions, sheaves, drag lines, cranes, elevators and more.

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ZenaLube Chain & CableChain & Cable Lubricant
Part No: 497255

Description: This product foams to evenly coat roller chain, wipe rope and cable. The Lubricant then dissolves to penetrate the wearable surfaces. Withstands extreme temperature and pressure.

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PentrazenIndustrial Penetrant with Graphite
Part No: 494965

Description: Immediately penetrates through rust and creeps between frozen parts for easy removal of nuts, bolts, joint, pipe threads, screws, valves, bearings, tools, clamps, etc. Pentrazen lubricates and protects metal surfaces.

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Pentrazen 4 WayPenetrant, Demoisturant, Lubricant, & Rust Preventative
Part No: 499405

Description: Eliminates moisture when sprayed on electrical parts. Penetrating action frees up nuts and bolts due to rust or corrosion. Instantly stops squeaks in hinges and metal-to-metal contact areas.

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