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Private Label Aerosols, Liquids, Wipes, and Hand Soaps
Welcome to Zenex International. We are a national manufacturer of liquid chemicals, aerosols, personal care products, and custom formulated chemicals. We specialize in private labeling, and supply solutions for distributors world wide, focusing on custom high quality chemistry, competitive pricing, and superb customer service. Whether custom formulation or contract private label packaging, our high speed filling and labeling lines make us hard to beat. The opportunity to exceed your expectations is our most important goal.

Private Label Services

Our team of sales and support professionals will help you be profitable in any marketplace. Utilize our experience crafting personalized products that fit with your brand and goals. With competitive pricing and value, our customers achieve success in their markets, whatever and wherever they are.

We offer the lowest minimums and the fastest lead times in the industry, and are committed to a shared mutual success with our customers. Try our world's best industrial hand cleaners and wipes, high quality liquid formulations, or any of our hundreds of aerosol products that will keep your customers coming back time and time again.

Custom Marketing

Our experienced design department works side by side with our customers to maintain their specifications, brand, and product compliance needs. Our personable graphic art team will listen to your needs step by step to achieve the exact product you want on your shelves.

Take advantage of our experience in professional labeling and increase sales through higher perceived quality. Don't waste your efforts on time consuming chemical labeling regulations. Let us keep you focused on what matters to your business.

High Quality Product Line

We manufacture hundreds of customized formulations, personal care products including hand and body washes, an industry leading catalog of aerosol products, air fresheners, industrial wipes, and more.

Our product line is expansive and entirely compliant with global (GHS) and domestic (OSHA) regulations. We provide detailed SDS (formerly MSDS) and product data sheets for our customers and make it as easy as possible to stay focused on sales.